Professional Evaluations

Psychoeducational Assessment

Assess cognitive skills (thinking skills), oral language skills, perception, memory, information processing and attention

Evaluates all academic areas allowing for a comparison of abilities with actual school performance

Profiles abilities in areas considered relevant to school success

Psychological Assessment

Provides a profile of an individual derived from evaluation of intellectual fuctioning, personality development,  communication skills, perceptual, memory and attention skills, socialization skills, academic functioning and daily living skills

Creates an accurate picture of an individual which can be confidently used for current and future planning.

(Complete test battery administration requires approximately 7-8 hours)

All Evaluations Include

Diagnosis and treatment of learning differences and ADHD for children and adults

Personalized consultation regarding all results and recommendations

Provides an objective basis for decision making regarding educational interventions or program placement

Assists in qualifying students for school-based accommodations, modifications, or special program placements.

Test results used to develop IEP at school, and also “at home” strategies

Specific Administered Tests:  

Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children 5th Edition (WISC-V)

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale: IV Fourth Edition

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-IV edition (WIAT-IV)

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement; 3rd Edition (KTEA-III a and b)


Wechsler Memory Scale-3rd Edition (WMS-3)

Beery VMI



IVA-2 and CTP II

Various behavioral measure: BASC-3, Conners-3, Brief-2

additional non-verbal tests and behavioral assessment tools