Inconsistent Effort

wood-cube-abc-cube-letters-48898Inconsistent Effort: People with ADHD have much more difficulty maintaining consistent effort and motivation to tasks and activities that are not rewarding, stimulating and interesting to them.

  • When bored or uninterested they have much more difficulty remaining on task and will often redirect their attention to other off task activities.
  • Sustained attention is the true problem. In fact, people with ADHD can have more intense focus and attention than average on certain activities that they particularly enjoy.* To do’s: attempt to increase the interest level and salience for assignment. Limit repetitive and mundane homework as much as possible. Allow and encourage use of varied approaches to complete tasks. When interested, focusing becomes an area of potential strength rather than a weakness area. Homework modifications are often very beneficial for these types of students. Assign the amount necessary to demonstrate understanding and limit repetition when possible.

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